Pleasant Bay Whale Watching

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Welcome To Pleasant Bay Whale Watching

Join us on a whale watching tour from Pleasant Bay Harbor, on the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island. Breathe the fresh island air, take in the scenery, and experience the magnificence of seeing Whales, Bald Eagles, Porpoises, Seals and Sea Birds in their natural environment. We provide quality whale watching and wildlife tours with a personal touch. Skilled local Staff make our trips fun, informative and interactive, and our Owner/Captain is dedicated to making your whale watching & wildlife trip an experience of a lifetime.

With the high speed capabilities of our zodiac FRAYED KNOT, most of our adventure tours will include a visit to waters surrounding the beautiful Cape Breton coastline, where you will be able to encounter all sorts of amazing wildlife in a truly natural setting. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile (or 2), giving you a full experience of the local marine ecosystem.

Dedicated and Responsible: We’re dedicated to research, education and responsible wildlife and whale watching.

We are not the largest whale watching company, nor do we strive to be. Quality tours and personal interaction is what we are all about.